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ModPodge your Mini Barn Quilt pieces

How To Mod Podge

Decorating a Mini Barn Quilt kit is a great way to use up some small scraps of fabric. Here I'll walk you through the steps to ModPodge fabric to your pieces and then cut away the excess to reveal perfectly covered Mini Barn Quilt pieces!


  • Mini Barn Quilt kit
  • Modpodge (matte, glossy or satin recommended)
  • Foam brush
  • Craft or Exacto knife
  • Squeegee (or used gift card/expired credit card)


  1. Decide on the fabric you want to use with your pieces


2. Observe that each piece has a paper backing and a wooden side

3. Spread a thin coat of ModPodge on the wooden size

4. Apply the ModPodge side of the piece to the wrong side of the fabric

5. Use the squeegee or gift card to smooth out any air bubble or wrinkles

6. While the ModPodge is still wet apply an thin layer on top of the fabric (it's okay to spread it past the edged of the piece)

7. Let the ModPodge glue dry according to the directions then apply additional coats if desired

8. After final coat, allow to dry overnight

9. On a cutting mat put the piece right side down and use a craft or Exacto knife to cut the excess fabric away along the edge of the piece. Be careful, the knife is sharp and should only be used by an adult!

10. Repeat and separate all the other pieces

Now that your pieces are decorated you can glue them to the baseplate

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