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Closing Sale Details & FAQ

I've gotten a few questions in the past week since the closing announcement so I wanted to put together a quick FAQ for everyone!

When does the sale end?

Sale ends when the shop closes: Tuesday, November 27th
The shop will go offline at 11:59PM EST that evening and all orders placed that day will ship on Wednesday, November 28th.

If I wait will the prices go lower if I wait?

Nope! The price you see in the shop now is as low as I will sell them online so get em while they're still in stock!

Why isn't ____ on sale?

Only the Mini Barn Quilt kits are on sale; other items may be discounted but only the kits are marked down 50%

Are you SURE you're not going to discount or do free shipping on Black Friday? Maybe I should wait.

No. Black Friday and Cyber Monday will be the same prices as today.

Can I make a bulk purchase?

Yes - please email me at and we can discuss bulk pricing and more accurate inventory counts on orders of 20 or more kits.

What about 18 kits?

I'm sorry but bulk minimum is 20 kits.

What is going to happen to the site?

Some content will be moved to my other site, 
All other content will vanish into the ethos of Internet of the past.

What About My Email Address?

If you purchased a kit or signed up for the newsletter your email address will be deleted and the account closed.

Where can I follow you and your other projects and hobbies?

You can follow me at

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