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About Mini Barn Quilts

Dreamed up deep in the craft room, I wanted to bring patchwork and craft to everyone – not just quilters and sewists. Years of compulsive crafting and hobby jumping taught me it's expensive and time-consuming to dabble in something new but by combining the precision cut bamboo pieces from this kit with any crafting materials you desire, you too can hang these lovely mini barn quilts in your home; no huge time or financial commitment necessary. Best yet (for all my non-sewists) there's no sewing required to get these wooden minis customized to your liking and up on your wall!

About Mini Barn Quilt Kits

In early 2015 I started thinking about mini quilts a little differently and armed with my computer, the Internet and a crazy idea I started to put my dream together in my very first 3D Mini Barn Quilt. I eventually dropped the 3D from the name.

After refining and expanding the idea over a few months of nights and weekends I finally ended up with my first collection of kits. These ready to assemble kits are perfect for quilters and crafters alike. The quilt blocks are a great way to show off a textile, painting techniques, and make a lovely modern (or traditional) accent to any decor.

About Terri Ann

I'm Terri Ann - the artist behind Mini Barn Quilts and Mini Barn Quilt kits. I'm a 30-something quilter, crafter, sewist from central Massachusetts. As a web engineer by day, I love being creative and making thing with my hands whenever I can. I found quilting in 2011 and have been obsessed ever since. As someone who has always tinkered with creative hobbies growing up I found my happy place by combining the visual art of photography and the creative expression of quilts and words in the world of  quilt blogging, making and sharing creative pursuits online. When I made my first Mini Barn Quilt I was just experimenting with an idea and now I’m so excited to share them with everyone!

Proudly Made in the USA

I source my manufacturing in the US, the website is created and managed by a USA based team, the packaging & kits are assembled and shipped by hand in the USA. As a small business I value forming relationships with other local, regional and national businesses to help ensure that everyone's entrepreneurial dreams have a fighting chance too!


Kits are hand packed and shipped from Massachusetts!

Now Accepting Custom Orders

Find out more about custom orders for your unique market, trade show, restaurant, home or retail displays on the custom order info page.